CV – 2019

Curriculum Vita – ORA SETTER, Ph.D.


2001: Ph.D., Faculty of Management, Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University. Dissertation topic: “Entitlements and Obligations – Psychological Contracts of Corporate Employees.”

1987: M.Sc., cum laude – Organizational Behavior, Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University. Thesis topic: “The Rationality Perception of Bases of Promotion in the Organization.”

2007: Completion of M.A.  Studies  on Buddhism and East Asian Cultures, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of the Humanities, Tel Aviv University.

1974: B.A.,Hebrew l Literature & French Language and Literature, Faculty of the Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Academic Teaching Positions

1985-2018: Lecturer, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University – courses and seminar courses for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for Executive MBA courses,  and programs in Lahav – The Faculty of Management's  Executive Education Center.  For 5 years – in charge of the field work in the Organizational Development Graduate Program.

2014-2019: Adjunct professor at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India. Teaching courses cross cultural management  programs, and working with MBA and doctoral candidates.

1994-2012: Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, in the Department of Labor Studies, Tel Aviv University – courses and seminar courses for graduate students.

1993-2011: Faculty member in the Academic Track of the College of Management, School of Business Administration and the School of Communications – courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Adjunct lecturer in Interdisciplinary Center and  Tel Aviv college of business.


2006-2019: Owner, Window to the Spirit consulting . Senior Consultant. Academic coordinator of several programs in Lahav. Initiated management training projects and training programs in Israel, India, and Russia. Seveal projects of OD consulting.

2010-2014: Chair, the Institute of Psycho – Dharma, the School for Buddhist Theory of Mind and Psychology . Teaching courses about work, business and Buddhism . Currently member of the managerial team.

2002-2006: CEO  and Academic director, Lahav, the Executive Education Center, Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University.

1999-2001: Entrepreneur and Managing-Director of “Book à la Carte” – a start-up company dealing in internet publishing.

1997-2000: Entrepreneur and joint-Managing Director at “Nihulim – networks for Knowledge and Learning”, an organizational consulting firm in the spheres of knowledge management and implementation of internet and intranet systems in organizations.

1983-1997: Self-employed  senior OD consultant – a range of projects in Organizational Development and Consultancy for the managements of leading companies in Israel, conference organization, planning and implementing numerous workshops and lectures, facilitating consultants, teaching in several academic and non-academic frameworks.

1988-1989: Coordinated the Project for Planning Organization Change in the Labor Party

1978-1981: Research Assistant and internist at Shimrat Human Systems Development, an organizational consultancy firm.

 Other Activities

Board of directors:  Formerly External Director in On-Track Innovations  (OTI), Topspin Medical, the Israeli Company for Shipping and Supply, Marnetics,  Iniru, Medcon, and Ravad. Board Member of the following NGO's:  the Popular University,  the Association for the Advancement of Spirituality in Education, Shvil – Transparency International (TI) branch in Israel, and the Yitzchak Navon Heritage Center.

Conferences: Organizer, facilitator, and academic manager of academic and professional conferences . Last Conference – 2017 – Caring Entrepreneurship – New Economy, Old Traditions, international conference of SPES. Tel Aviv U, Coller School of Management.

Surveys: Conducted research and corporate surveys based on the psychological contract questionnaire ™ in several organizations

Popular press: Member of the Editorial Board and editor of Status – the Israeli Management Journal; published numerous articles  in the business press, and in professional magazines on management and organizational issues.

Academic press: on the editorial board and in charge of the book reviews of Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion.

Supervision: Provide supervision and consult to organizational consultants (in-house and external)

Setting up knowledge communities: Initiated and led an international community for knowledge management via intranet (1350 knowledge managers worldwide); launched and led the Israeli Forum for Knowledge Managers in Organizations (40 knowledge managers in Israel)

Public endeavors: Senior member of the Israeli Association for Organizational Development – Secretary and Chairperson of the association’s Training Committee. Deputy-Chairperson and board member of Shvil – Transparency International Branch in Israel.

Member, Academy of Managementץ Fellow, SPES institute.

Member of the Ethics Committee in the Civil Service, on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office and of the Finance Ministry’s Supreme Committee for Computerized Communications & Technology.

Initiated and managed the leading forum for senior women in Israel – Women Advancing Women – for top female leaders of Israel

Military Service:  Platoon-Commander , honorable discharge with the rank of Lieutenant


2011 – ISOL – Research Award

2019 – Influential Women of the World. Monica Garg Global Awardees

2019 – Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa, Rai University, India

Academic Publications

Setter, O. (2003). An Empirical Examination of the Structure of the Psychological Contract. In Levy, S. and Dov Elizur (eds.)  Facet Theory: Towards Cumulative Social Science. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Center for Educational Development .99-112.

Weitz E., Vardi  Y & Setter O (2012). Spirituality and Organizational Misbehaviour. Journal of Management, spirituality and Religion, 9:3, 255-281.

Setter O. (2016): Between the Ivory Tower to the Field: on OD studies within the Academia in Israel. chapter in Katz I (Ed) "Emerging Profession", Restling Publishing, Tel Aviv. pp. 65-96 (in Hebrew)

Setter O. & Szolnai L. (Eds), (2019). Caring Management in the New Economy. Palgrave Macmillan .

Papers presented at academic conferences and chapters in books

1988: Perceptions of the Rationality of Bases for Promotion in the Organization, The Annual Conference of the Association of Psychologists, Haifa.

1995: Ethical Elements of the Psychological Contract –1st   International Conference on Ethics , Tel Aviv university, Israel

1997: An Empirical Examination of the Structure of the Psychological Contract, The Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA.

1998: Internet, Intranets, Transparency and Ethics. The 4th International Conference on Ethics in the Civil Service, Jerusalem. Member of the Organizing Committee and of the Academic Committee.

1999: How to STOP Knowledge-Sharing: Intranets for Knowledge Management Conference, Amsterdam and San Francisco (Keynote)

2003: "The Structure of Psychological Contracts" –  The Annual Conference of Facet Theory, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2008: "Spirituality, Entitlements and Obligations: the "Covenant" metaphor".– ISOL , New Delhi University, Pondicherry, India

2009: "Spirituality and Management: can the Two go together?"  First Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Spiritualities, Haifa, Israel.

2010:  "Spirituality and Organizational Misbehavior",  The Second Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Spiritualities, Haifa, Israel

"Teaching the spirit" and "Antecedents of Organizational Misbehavior: The Moderating Role of Spirituality" – papers presented at the 3rd International ISOL conference, Haridwar, India.  Granted best paper award  of the conference.

"Invitation to not knowing: the unknown Buddhism – management connection". Paper presented at the  3rd Israeli conference for the Study of Contemporoary Spiritualities, Haifa, Israel.

 2012: Setter O., Weitz E. & Vardi Y. (2012) . A skeptical look at the (un)expected positive effects of workplace spirituality: Some preliminary findings. Paper presented at the 1st  International Organizational Behavior conference in Tel Aviv University, Israel.

2013: Setter O., Averbuch T. (2013). The inner voice of the organization. Paper presented at the 4th International  ISOL conference,  Bubaneshwar, India.

2017: Setter O. (2017) Cold care, Warm care : paper presented at the SPES conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2017: Introduction and Epilog to Yitzhchak Navon – Meditation Diaries. CHad Keren Publishing, Tel aviv.