Articles and presentations

Following are links to some of my academic articles and presentations:

Paper presented at the Academy of Management conference in Boston, 1997

Paper presented at the "Intranets and Knowledge Management" conferences in Amsterdam and San Francisco, 1999, about "What Stops Knowledge Sharing?"

Paper presented at the Facet Analysis conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003, about using facet theory for psychological contracts.

Paper presented at the 2nd ISOL conference, Pondicherri, and published in Journal on Spirituality and Organizational Leadership 1:1. (2009)

Paper presented at the 1st conference on Current Spiritualties, Haifa University, and in ISOL conference in Haridwar, 2011, on spirituality as mediating breach of psychological contracts and organizational misbehavior.

Article was also published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion (October 2012).

  • Ely Weitz, Yoav Vardi, Ora Setter. Spirituality and organizational misbehavior. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion2012; 9: 255.

A follow up of this study was presented at the 1st IOBC conference in Tel Aviv University, Israel in 2011, by the name of: A skeptical look at the (un)expected positive effects of workplace spirituality: Some preliminary findings.

Paper presented at the ISOL 3rd conference, describing case study of teaching spirituality and management in an executive education program in Tel Aviv University during the years 2007-2008.

Paper presented at the 4th ISOL conference in Bubaneshwar, India.

Book review on  "Organizing Through Empathy" was published in JMSR 2015, 12:1, 78-83.